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Highlights: This is a 6 day unforgettable trip that will take you to Kenya’s best marine parks which include Mombasa Marine National Park, Watamu Marine , Malindi Marine  and Kiunga Marine Safaris.


Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve:

The Mombasa marine reserve is larger in size, covering an area of 200kmsq while the park covers only 10kmsq. Both the Mombasa  park and the reserve are the most frequently visited areas among the marine parks and reserves at the coast. This is because their coastline is highly developed with tourist facilities.major attractions here are: beachcoral gardens.

This area is very suitable for deep sea and scuba diving and the diving materials are arranged in advance. The and

The insects/Arthropods here are: crabs, corals, shells, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars, jelly fish.

Watamu Marine National Park:

Watamu marine national park forms part of the marine and tidal habitats on Kenya north coast stretching from Malindi town to beyond the entrance to Mida creek. It is enclosed by the Malindi marine National reserve which is also enclosed by the Malindi marine national park. Habitats include intertidal rocks, sand and mud, fringing reefs and coral gardens, beds of sea grass, coral reefs, platforms and islets, sandy beaches and Mida creek mangrove forest. In 1979, the park was designated to be a biosphere reserve.

Mida creek is a large, almost landlocked expanse of saline water, mangrove and intertidal mud. It has extensive forests that are gazette as forest reserves and its northern tip forms part of the Arabuko Sokoke forest reserve. It is easily accessed via tarmac road from Mombasa or Malindi.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve.

The Kiunga marine national reserve consists of a chain of about 50 calcarious offshore islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago running for some 60 km.
parallel to the coastline off the northern most coast of Kenya and adjacent to Dodori and Boni national resrves on the mainland. Composed of old, eroded islands, the islands lie mainly inland around 2km offshore and inshore of the fringing reef. They vary in size from a few 100sq meters to around 100 hectares or even more. The larger island sand the more sheltered inner islands are covered with low tangled thorny vegetation including grass, aloes and creepers. The small outer islands provide nest sites for migratory birds. The reserves conserve valuable coral reefs, sea grass, meadows and extensive mangrove forests with their attendant biodiversity and is also refuge to sea turtles and dugongs.

It is accessible by boat or road from Lamu. Its temperature is warm and humid. The main attraction here is coral reefs, sand dunes and Kiwayu islands.Among the activities that one can experience are: windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing and diving.The reptiles: here you can see sea turtles, Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Reef fish. Its is also home to various insects and arthropods like lobsters, sea urchins, sea star, crabs and Vegetation:





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