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Mount Elgon trekking Safaris

Mount Elgon is an extinct Volcano that erupted 24 million years ago. Hiking this mountain presents an exciting setting of unique flora and fauna, waterfalls, caves, peaks and gorges and hot springs. Hiking takes place the whole year but better during dry moths of June to August and December to March. No technical experience is needed.

What to Bring:
Tent, Sleeping bag, Warm clothes/gloves/hat, Sturdy hiking shoes, Flash light, Water bottle, Rain Gear and First Aid Kit. Trekking takes place daily unlike Mountain Rwenzori which starts on specific days of the week.

Departure from Kampala daily is available by private arrangements .
Clients will carry hiking shoes, sleeping bags, warm clothes, Mountain hiking takes place throughout the year, however during months of April, May, October and November experience more rains but this does not stop hiking activities.

Activities in the Park

The wooded slopes of Mt. Elgon are an enchanting place to hike and climb. Because of its smaller scale and milder climate, Mt. Elgon is a good choice for somebody looking for a less strenuous alternative to the Rwenzori Mountain. There are two main trails, the Piswa and the Sasa trails. Itineraries can be discussed at the park headquarters. The best time to plan a tour is during the dry season (June - August or December - February), and guides, porters and park rangers are available and recommended.


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